10 Minecraft Conduit Designs!

10 Minecraft Conduit Designs! In 1.13 minecraft they added a very cool block called the conduit and not many people know about it or how it works, so after a short explanation and tutorial, I show 10 ways to decorate or design your conduit for inspiration in your minecraft world!

Which was your favourite?

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24 thoughts on “10 Minecraft Conduit Designs!

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  2. if you make something like the cube i think for the conduit design the conduit will use its full power also it will have an eye and it will attack hostil mobs if they are nerby to it!
    edit: i mean something have a near form to that box
    (yeah i know my english isn't very good xD)

  3. sees hand
    I F I C O U L D B E G I N T O B E
    H A L F O F W H A T Y O U T H I N K O F M E-

    ok i will stop my steven universe ass

  4. I made a hand inside of a cave but the cave was more inclosed, like the volcano, a small window but you can still see the hand grabbing the conduit! It impressed my friends i told them thank the man in the chicken costume

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